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The online journalism blog has an artice which outlines a survey taken by journalists to find out how those with blogs felt their work had been affected by the technology. It says that the conversational theme of the online news blog has changed the journalistic landscape in some respects

“…conversational nature of the blog format is changing how many journalists work in a number of ways.”

The aim of this survey was to carry out research on the theory of online blog, has this led to the demise of old fashioned journalism and to the growth of an entirely new type of news writing

“Blogs have become part of the editorial furniture. As of this year, 70% of US newspapers, 85% of UK news organisations, and 44% of European news organisations were offering journalist-authored blogs”

We read how news organizations are now using online blogs as it is arguably the most efficient way of getting the public their news. The article argues that journalism is in the process of adapting its traditional ways to make room for the ever expanding technological advances. It seems that online news blogs may be the journalism of the future.


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Primary schools Pupils to study Twitter and blogs in primary schools shake-up


The idea that children will be leaving aside some traditional aspects of study in primary schools and developing their computing and internet skills shows us how far the age of technology has come. This article says that children will now leave primary school with a knowledge of online applications and that the curriculum will be reformed, so as to prepare children for what the modern world holds for them

This article highlights that we are living in a world where people are dependent on online news, blogs and social profiles in every day life.

“Children need to be enthused by learning, so they want to learn and gain the skills which will enable them to learn in later life.”

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Saving print journalism

This article shows us that although the idea of an end to print journalism is looming we must remember the advantages of online journalism its says

The flow of information, after all, has not dried up, and news consumers are turning in increasing numbers to online sources.

This article highlights a fear in many journalists that the death of print journalism will mean that no one will be there to tell their stories. The article says

But the storm clouds are still gathering in a very real way, and the first casualties have already gone to the wayside.

Although it is clear that many choose to look online for their information especially young people, there are many that still cling to a need for a physical interaction with news and newspapers

the inexplicable desire to touch a paper and flip through its pages. But hopefully, we are also not yet blind enough to lose our sense of perspective. Newspapers, after all, are the standard bearers in a rich tradition.

We can see that with the newspaper comes an idea of tradition and habit, maybe the death of print journalism must not be looked at in a negative way but as the beginning of a new era of journalism

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Birmingham City University to launch new online journalism MA

birmingham2 Online Journalism is growing steadily, therefore, no matter how much some of us may protest it seems only fitting that an MA in online journalism has been introduced in the university of Birmingham. This degree will introduce new skills such as online news production and news-gathering.

inverted2“The structure is going to reflect the nature of journalism that we’re living through which is: there are no walls, it’s conversational and very much collaborative,”

We must consider the fact that print journalism is being overshadowed by online news. It is a fact that many are unable to accept but it is a reality. Young people in particular are obsessed with technology and depend on it for getting their information. Therefore it seems fitting that an MA for online journalism is being introduced for young people. The article writes that

inverted4“Ultimately the industry is crying out for this and there’s clearly a demand for it.”

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Print journalism must adapt to times

Reading this article outlines the gradual downfall of print journalism. It points out that we are now living in an era where people are choosing to read news blogs and find their information online for free, in most cases. This article points out the importance of journalism, that it is the duty of journalists to portray the news to the public.

inverted1Journalism is the science of questioning authority. In the past, it has called the oppressed to revolution and overturned dangerous demagogues. It has unearthed political corruption and challenged ideologies. How can this tradition continue with only a handful of national papers remain, drowned out by liberal blogs and conservative radio?

This article stresses the importance of print journalism and promotes it as an institution. Readers must bear in mind the history behind great journalism. We must try not to be lazy in reading the news. Although online journalism is so easy to use quick and practical it takes away the joy of picking up a newspaper and reading. It emphasizes the need for newspapers to adapt in a world where technology is ever increasing. Perhaps with the recession we may return to some of our old habits?

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If we are arguing that there is a decline in newspapers all we have to do is log on to Buzzle.com. It is a quick and easy way to read about world news and we don’t have too worry about getting our fingers smudged with ink.  I found this when I was looking for information on the Berlin wall and was bombarded with link after link to pretty much any piece of world news I wanted.

What I found about this site is that we are given too much if that is possible. It is too muddled. Although we may argue about the advantages of online journalism this site is a step too far. Although it is current and informative I would prefer to get my fingers a bit smudged

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Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper goes Web-only

Its a sign of the times that Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper is being confined only to the Internet. This article highlights that those buying the newspaper has shifted from 200,000 in 1998 to 117,000. It illustrates that in a lot of cases online journalism is being favoured by many due to its immediacy and accessibility.


What is interesting about this article is that it says that the newspaper online will change and will rely a lot on blogs and links. “with a heavy reliance on blogs and links to other news outlets.” What this presents to this is that online journalism is perhaps changing the way news writing is carried out entirely, that people are favouring blogs over articles, and people who are getting more and more accustomed to getting things quickly and easily are skimming various links for their information instead of sitting down to rad an entire article.

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Massereene Shootings.


I decided to compare an article written by RTE to an article written by the guardian, to see if I could find either of the news stories slightly biased. However it’s a sign of the times that both articles had similar objectives in portraying the devastating shootings in Masereene Co. Antrim. Both news stories condemned the shootings which people suspect was carried out by dissident republican terrorists.

What makes online journalism so efficent  is that in comparing the two articles I had a wealth of information online with which to make my comparisons.

Both stories had numerous quotes from officials in Ireland and Britain which highlighted their disgust at the events that unfolded on Saturday at 21.40. What I found so interesting about both these articles, was that both expressed a fear that the peace process will be disrupted by these savage killings. Both mentioned that this is the first killing to involve dissident terrorists in over a decade. The guardian had a quote from Downing street saying,

action has been taken to increase security in Northern Ireland, this is because pf the increased threat from those who even at this late stage wish to ignore the wishes of the overwhelming majority and attempt to derail the peace process

While RTE have a quote from Minister for Foreign affairs saying,

This is an attempt to undermine the remarkable progress of recent years. The perpetrators of this assault have no mandate. They will not be allowed to succeed. They must be brought to justice.

It is clear from both these articles that Ireland and Britain have no desire to go back to the way things were 12-15 years ago, that it is a new era where people want peace.

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Indymedia-Over 120,000 workers march through Dublin’s fair city

I read an article on Indymedia about the protests last Saturday. What makes it different to anything we would read in a newspaper is that it is just a piece of writing recording the event rather then telling the story. This is how online journalism can differ from ordinary print journalism. It is not really an opinion piece, more of an analysis of the event. They allow readers to comment on what has been written. The page also provides links to other articles written by the author of this piece.


What is great about this is that it has “other press” where we can read about similar issues and even see a video clip; ” hear protestors explain in their own words why they took to the streets”. This link illustrates the advantages of online journalism in that it is so accessible for readers and gives us more then just a basic story which we are used to from newspapers.

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helium.com is a great way to explore your writing skills and its a good example of online journalism. Articles vary, from writing about the current economic climate to short pieces of descriptive writing and short stories.

Those who are trying to get their writing published but are slightly nervous, can use this site to practice their writing skills and with hundreds of essay titles to choose from its an easy way to share your writing with others.

Its also a great way to learn new things as you can pick and choose any genre that interests you. You can read and rate others work and you can allow others to comment on and rate your writing!

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