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The independent’s typo, we all make mistakes!

The argument against online journalism is that it is quickly thrown together, sloppy and unedited compared with traditional print journalism. People argue over how accurate and how trustworthy some of it is. The argument can be justified however as online journalism’s main quality is that it is fast and easily accessible, therefore it lends itself to making more mistakes then is acceptable.

natasha-richardson-injury1However, page two of The Irish Independent newspaper on the 19th March o9′ let itself down when it wrote about the tragic death of Natasha Richardson. A blurb at the bottom of the page called her “Natasha Redgrave” which is actually her mother’s second name. Slight as it may be it is bad journalism and it goes to show that everyone makes mistakes and perhaps print journalists should not be so quick to criticize those who are writing articles online.


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Patrick Kavanagh’s Blog The online opportunity to reinvent storytelling

Patrick’s blog deals with the fact that online journalism has presented us with a new medium from which to get our news. He writes that we now have audio and video to play with. This is such an advantage for people who are looking for their information as fast as possible. He says that not only can we get a news story online but we can have video and sound also. This means that people are getting more, faster. It seems that most people nowadays are too busy to pick up a newspaper and this new form of journalism can alleviate any worries about not getting your news in a day. The only thing we might worry about is that people are getting lazy when it comes to finding their news. That many are rejecting the age old tradition of picking up a newspaper and reading it cover to cover. This type of journalism may in fact do away with print altogether, perhaps we will be hearing all of our news from a piece of video in times to come. I’m not sure we  are quite ready for that yet!

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Mariosa Molloy’s Blog Online journalism – recognition it deserves and same old scepticism!

Mariosa’s blog highlights the issue that online journalism has become eligible for a pulitzer prize. She writes that online journalism is producing fast “tremendous” reporting that just isnt possible with traditional journalism. Although online journalism is being celebrated in this regard, there are still some cynics that believe that online journalism does not have the same values that traditional reporters have. She writes that traditional values could be under threat with the massive growth of online news. She goes on to mention that like newspapers online reporting is bound to make a few mistakes, it is only natural. The idea that people wanting to get their news as fast as possible does not mean that there will be a loss of accuracy, she says that surely this applies to ordinary journalism also. The main point being made here is that online journalsim should not be struck down as bad journalism, we are in an age where people only want to get their information online and therefore online journalism has ann obligation to make their reporting and news stories as accurate as possible.

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Keira Wilson’s Blog-Technology Wizards visit Iraq

The Blog by Keira Wilson shows us how far technology has expanded in recent times. Now technology groups are travelling to Iraq in order to “strengthen civil society and generally empower people”. We now live in an age where a knowledge of information technology is essential and is now being used in countries such as Iraq in order to inform and educate people. Keira spoke about how blogging is now being promoted all over the world so that people can share information over the internet. The main objective is to create a more “accountable society”. It is evident however that violence is still at large in Iraq and The Washington Post has a more skeptical view that the introduction of technology into a country as war torn as Iraq may be a lost cause. It appears that these efforts may be a little superficial. But still we can all agree that whether or not these efforts will be a success or not, information technology is ever expanding.

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Online tributes for Irishman

The news of the possible death of Irishman Michael Dwyer has spread like wildfire. And people have been logging onto his facebook profile in order to find out more. The Irish Times has an article online that announces the Death of the 24 year old, but it has gotten all of its information from his social networking site. It seems ridiculous that people have logged on to find out more about the young man.


It is obvious that their is no such thing as privacy anymore. The Irish times lists his date of birth, his relationship status, his interests, information all taken from his personal facebook profile, even the photo provided has been taken from his Bebo profile. It gets even worse, as people have begun to write comments to the victim, mourning his loss.

In an age where people depend on the internet for their information it seems that it has been taken a step too far.

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Small Newspapers Look for Ways to Survive

So it seems as though the bigger newspapers in America who are in crisis, yet proceed to dig their heels in defiance of a swop to online news have gotten things wrong. The Sentinel, a weekly newspaper in Montgomery County, Maryland, is embracing the change in order to keep the number of readers up.

The Sentinel, which has been running since 1855 says that making the change to online news is the only way forward if you want to run a successful newspaper. The Sentinel has done away with the old method of compiling a newspaper

“Gone are the days when newspapers were set for print by pasting stories and photographs on a board.”

The paper is using computers to get out 10,000 newspapers every week.

A spokesperson for the paper says that things are changing fast and the only way forward is to roll with the times.


“You know, things in this day and age happen like this. So, you have to have an online presence, you have to update it, you have to be there all the time,”

“instead of picking it up in our newspaper, go to our Web site,”

Its clear that this paper is here to stay and intends on running the newspaper for a modern audience. It looks as though the Sentinel won’t be loosing out an customers any time soon.

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‘State of Play’ impresses with political intrigue, journalism

This article writes about the new movie starring Russell Crowe which although recognized as a political thriller could easily be mistaken for an attempt to highlight the fact that print journalism is now challenged by online journalism.  The article writes

invertedState of Play may actually have more to say about the beleaguered state of print journalism than about governmental shenanigans.

state-of-play1It seems that Hollywood have cottoned on to the fact that print journalists are now faced with a new landscape from which to work with and it is now time to consider making the move to online news. The fact that movies are now being made about the current state of print journalism shows that the word is out. Its a matter of time before online journalism becomes our only form of news.

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Bailing out print journalism would only prolong the inevitable

With the American economy in the state that it is in, many industries are looking for relief from the government in order to continue on in making their products. Now print journalists are demanding that they get in on some of the federal bailout money. This article highlights that bailing out print  journalism will do no good, as online journalism is surpassing its predecessor and it looks as though people using the internet for their news is ever increasing. The article says that although many industries need the money in order to turn a profit print journalism can make the move to the net which doesn’t require any funds from the government. The face of journalism is changing and print journalists have no choice but to change with it.

This article says that if government was to invest in print journalism it would hinder any reporting that takes place in the news room, it would have control over what it being written and published and would result in the public not getting the real news story.

comma1 Federal money leads to federal influence, and federal influence has no place in journalism.
The only way for print journalism to tackle the spiralling economy is to move with the times and adapt themselves to cope with the way people are now getting their news stories.

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Historic newspapers to go online

Everything is going online. It seems that we will be able to see all the archives of old historic newspapers with the click of a mouse, no need to go rummaging through dusty piles of archived newspapers in newspapers anymore. With this announcement it is sad to think that the old fashioned means of rooting around and looking at page after page of old news stories will be done away with and replaced with a cleaner more efficent way of looking at old news stories. This project will cost £2m pounds which highlights that their is a demand for accessing old files online. People want to get their information online. It is quicker and easier.

the article says that this new way of accesing information will be

“a great asset to researchers, local historians, genealogists, teachers and television researchers, it is claimed.

People are getting lazy, this article shows that getting information online is the only option for many. Everyone wants things now and this illustrates the growing number of people who prefer clicking a button instead of turing a page.

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I’ll take my ink-stained hands to the grave.

This article is written with the express desire of informing people about the value and quality of print journalism. Although we are living in a time where journalists are looking into joining the world wide web, this piece stresses the value behind good print journalism and its benefits. She promotes the newspaper as a way of bringing people together

“They bring readers – and the community – together in a daily dialogue.”
She writes that newspapres encourage us to learn and to think. She says that

“But with the rise of the Internet, our eyes have averted from the papers and we feign for bite-size snippets of knowledge taken from here, from there, from anywhere.”
An example of this would be buzzle which I spoke about in a previous blog entry. It is a perfect idea of being diverted all around the internet and being thrown out random unrelated pieces of news, instead of  sitting down to read a newspaper cover to cover.

She promotes the traditional way of reading news an finished quite defiantly by saying

“For God’s sake, go out and buy a paper today.”

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