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Small Newspapers Look for Ways to Survive

So it seems as though the bigger newspapers in America who are in crisis, yet proceed to dig their heels in defiance of a swop to online news have gotten things wrong. The Sentinel, a weekly newspaper in Montgomery County, Maryland, is embracing the change in order to keep the number of readers up.

The Sentinel, which has been running since 1855 says that making the change to online news is the only way forward if you want to run a successful newspaper. The Sentinel has done away with the old method of compiling a newspaper

“Gone are the days when newspapers were set for print by pasting stories and photographs on a board.”

The paper is using computers to get out 10,000 newspapers every week.

A spokesperson for the paper says that things are changing fast and the only way forward is to roll with the times.


“You know, things in this day and age happen like this. So, you have to have an online presence, you have to update it, you have to be there all the time,”

“instead of picking it up in our newspaper, go to our Web site,”

Its clear that this paper is here to stay and intends on running the newspaper for a modern audience. It looks as though the Sentinel won’t be loosing out an customers any time soon.


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