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Bailing out print journalism would only prolong the inevitable

With the American economy in the state that it is in, many industries are looking for relief from the government in order to continue on in making their products. Now print journalists are demanding that they get in on some of the federal bailout money. This article highlights that bailing out print  journalism will do no good, as online journalism is surpassing its predecessor and it looks as though people using the internet for their news is ever increasing. The article says that although many industries need the money in order to turn a profit print journalism can make the move to the net which doesn’t require any funds from the government. The face of journalism is changing and print journalists have no choice but to change with it.

This article says that if government was to invest in print journalism it would hinder any reporting that takes place in the news room, it would have control over what it being written and published and would result in the public not getting the real news story.

comma1 Federal money leads to federal influence, and federal influence has no place in journalism.
The only way for print journalism to tackle the spiralling economy is to move with the times and adapt themselves to cope with the way people are now getting their news stories.


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