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I’ll take my ink-stained hands to the grave.

This article is written with the express desire of informing people about the value and quality of print journalism. Although we are living in a time where journalists are looking into joining the world wide web, this piece stresses the value behind good print journalism and its benefits. She promotes the newspaper as a way of bringing people together

“They bring readers – and the community – together in a daily dialogue.”
She writes that newspapres encourage us to learn and to think. She says that

“But with the rise of the Internet, our eyes have averted from the papers and we feign for bite-size snippets of knowledge taken from here, from there, from anywhere.”
An example of this would be buzzle which I spoke about in a previous blog entry. It is a perfect idea of being diverted all around the internet and being thrown out random unrelated pieces of news, instead of  sitting down to read a newspaper cover to cover.

She promotes the traditional way of reading news an finished quite defiantly by saying

“For God’s sake, go out and buy a paper today.”


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