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Indymedia-Over 120,000 workers march through Dublin’s fair city

I read an article on Indymedia about the protests last Saturday. What makes it different to anything we would read in a newspaper is that it is just a piece of writing recording the event rather then telling the story. This is how online journalism can differ from ordinary print journalism. It is not really an opinion piece, more of an analysis of the event. They allow readers to comment on what has been written. The page also provides links to other articles written by the author of this piece.


What is great about this is that it has “other press” where we can read about similar issues and even see a video clip; ” hear protestors explain in their own words why they took to the streets”. This link illustrates the advantages of online journalism in that it is so accessible for readers and gives us more then just a basic story which we are used to from newspapers.


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helium.com is a great way to explore your writing skills and its a good example of online journalism. Articles vary, from writing about the current economic climate to short pieces of descriptive writing and short stories.

Those who are trying to get their writing published but are slightly nervous, can use this site to practice their writing skills and with hundreds of essay titles to choose from its an easy way to share your writing with others.

Its also a great way to learn new things as you can pick and choose any genre that interests you. You can read and rate others work and you can allow others to comment on and rate your writing!

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